Pro Basketball League maintains starting date of the competition – Cup format changes
Friday 23rd October 2020

The EuroMillions Basketball League starting date remains set for 6 November, despite the announcement that the games will have to be played without spectators until 19 November.

However, the home clubs have the possibility to move the games from the first 2  game days to a later date when spectators may be able to attend the games again and the restrictions on the hospitality industry may have been lifted.


In consultation with Basketball Belgium it was decided that the new cup format, consisting of 4 groups of 4 clubs (10 EuroMillions Basketball League clubs and 6 qualified from Top Division Men 1 clubs) will not yet be introduced this season.

The Cup of Belgium will be played as follows:


- weekend of 11/12 December: qualifying round between clubs 7,8, 9 and 10 from last season’s standings (back-to-back format)

- weekend of 22/23 January: quarterfinal (back-to-back format)

- weekend of 5/6 February: semifinal (back-to-back format)

- 21 March: final


Due to this format change, the weekend of 20/21 November (originally a cup weekend) will be available for clubs to schedule league games.


The schedule for the first 3 game days will be communicated early next week.

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