Pro Basketball League prepares 2020-2021 season
Thursday 30th April 2020

The Pro Basketball League wants to have a definite view on the timing and modalities for the 20-21 EuroMillions Basketball League season by the start of June. 

For the moment however the league is, as many other sectors, still awaiting concrete indications from the Security Council on what the future of sporting events will look like in the short and in the long term.

As far as competition format goes, multiple options are looked at. Furthermore an alternative cup formula is being taken into consideration.

Either way activities will only resume with respect for government recommendations ensuring the safety of all involved. In this regard a balance will have to be struck between a formula that is attractive to fans while being economically viable for clubs.

Arthur Goethals, Pro Basketball League president: “By the start of June we, along with our clubs, would like to present a road map out of corona in order to establish a clear framework to all parties involved such as fans, players, partners, media, etc. We are convinced that we will be able to respond appropriately to the uncertainties that persist for the moment.”

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