Pro Basketball League All Star Game all about the greater cause
Monday 21st October 2019

Pascal Angillis recently decided to take a break indefinitely as Spirou Basket’s head coach. His son was diagnosed with cancer and he wants to stand by his side in his battle with the disease. This gripping experience caused a wave of solidarity within the Pro Basketball League clubs who have all expressed their support.

It also prompted the Pro Basketball League’s decision to contribute. The All Star Game, scheduled on 28 December at Forest National, is completely transformed into a national solidarity event.

Part of the proceeds of this third edition of the All Star Game will be donated to an organization committed to the fight against cancer which will be determined in the next few days in dialogue with the event’s partners.

Pascal Angillis: "This week's reactions were overwhelming. When this disease enters your house, the world come to a standstill. I have been a professional coach for many years, but right now I want to focus on my family. The more this disease gets attention and the more funds are raised to develop new treatments, the better. The show of solidarity from the basketball community is heartwarming."


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