Okapi Aalstar can continue competition after talks with federation and Pro League
Tuesday 8th October 2019

Today the Flemish federation Basketbal Vlaanderen, the Pro Basketball League and the club Okapi Aalstar met with regards to the administrative mistake of the club.

After uncertainty had arisen with regards to the transfer of the membership number of the club from the former association to its successor (cbva Tragel Invest), Basketbal Vlaanderen had decided yesterday to postpone the club’s games of the upcoming weekend.

The club has however delivered additional information today that has led to a review of the decision.

Marc Verlinden, president Basketbal Vlaanderen:
       “We never doubted the good faith of all the parties but we didn’t have all the necessary information until today. We are happy that we can come back on our earlier protective measure so that the competition can take place as scheduled from the highest level of the club to the youth teams.”

Arthur Goethals, president Pro Basketball League:
       “With the action undertaken today, we want to guarantee the success of the relaunch and definitely reassure the players, the fans and the sponsors with regards to the future of the club in order for the new management to continue on the path taken.”


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