Pro Basketball League presents new season to partners, players, clubs & press on Media Day
Monday 9th September 2019

The Pro Basketball League hosted their third yearly Media Day at the Volvo Car Belux headquarters in Groot-Bijgaarden today. Together with their clubs & press they have officially inaugurated the new EuroMillions Basketball League season. 

Other than the new competition formula, they also presented the new "Pro Basketball League APP" (available soon in App Store & Play Store) and the league's own streaming platform The Pro Basketball League also proudly announced their contract extension with Orange as a league partner. 

PBL president Arthur Goethals opened the press conference with some positive Nielsen Sports numbers about basketball in Belgium. The new media contract with games on Proximus Sport, VOO Sport, Play Sports, but also live games on VRT and highlights on RTBF have upped the media value for league partners and had a positive effect on the clubs showing increases of 33% to 400%. 

In addition it appears that 17% of population is interestend in basketball and with sports fans we see it has gone up to 26%. Basketball also attracts a young audience with 44% of the fans between 16 and 34 years old. Naturally the league is playing into this evolution with the launch of their own application & streaming platform. 

General Manager Wim Van de Keere also discussed the new competition format. The EMBL season will be played in two round. The first round will be played in two groups from 14 September - 23 November. Group A will have teams 1-3-5-7-9 (ANT-CHA-MON-AAL-LEU) and in group B teams 2-4-6-8-10 (OOS-BRU-LIM-MEC-LIE) are facing each other in one home and one away game. Round two will be played after the Belgian national team break (7 December - 8 May). This is seen as the "Regular Season" where all PBL-teams play each other once at home and once away. Points from round one will be kept at the start of round two. 

The Orange All Star Game will take place on Saturday 28 December 2019 at Forest National or Paleis 12 (same as Eloya Christmas game of Phoenix Brussels). 

Traditionally the Belgian Cup Final will take place in Forest National again on Sunday 8 March 2020. There is a high probability that the Belgian Basketball Awards will be organized at the Dôme in Charleroi this year. 

To conclude the presentation of the new basketball season the Pro Basketball League announced their extended partnership with Orange

Michaël Trabbia, CEO Orange Belgium: 
“Orange Belgium strongly believes in the future of basketball in Belgium, and we are therefore delighted to see how it rapidly evolves. The very fact that the league also boldly invests in new digital ways such as a dedicated mobile app and a streaming platform to offer to a broad audience the possibility to watch the games confirms the special relationship Orange Belgium and the Pro Basketball League, together with the Belgian Lions and Belgian Cats,  have created”

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