Stats & Facts Sunday: EMBL 19-20 Season Preview
Sunday 8th September 2019

The people at Global Sports Analytics created a 19-20 Season preview. Who do you think will become EMBL Champions this year? 


Telent Giants Antwerp:

  • The best Offensive Rating in the League at 104.49 and the 3rd best Defensive Rating at 88.64 helped them on both sides off the ball. Antwerp played at a slower pace (7th – 86.24) but were very efficient on offense posting the best Effective Field Goal Percentage at 72.75. It will be important to re-produce the Offensive and Defensive power from last season with new players coming in and replacing the key guys who left the Team. (Lee, Bako, Tate).


Brussels Basketball:

  • Brussels finished 4th in the Regular Season at 21-15 mainly due to a very strong offfense. They posted the 2nd best Offensive Rating (101.23) while they were outside of the top 5 in Defensive Rating (6th – 99.62). Brussel played at a slower pace (8th, 84.35) but was also very efficient in their shot selection: Effective Field Goal Percentage 3rd at 70.06. It will be key to get the same production and shooting as last season while getting a step better on defense.


FILOU Oostende:

  • Oostende finished 2nd in the Regular Season at 29-7 and eventually won the Championship. Their 3rd best Offensive Rating played a key role (101.23) along with the best Defensive Rating in the EMBL (81.51). Oostende played at a higher pace (3rd – 89.95) but weren´t very efficient in Effective Field Goal Percentage (8th – 64.64).




Spirou Basket Charleroi:

  • Finished 3rd in the Regular Season with a 24-12 Record. Their Offensive Rating ranked 4th (99.97) and they were one of the best Defensive Teams (Defensive Rating 2nd - 86.51). One of the fasted paced Teams (2nd – 91.45) and one of the most efficient offenses: Effective Field Goal Percentage 2nd – 71.14.


Crelan Okapi Aalstar:

  • Aalstar finished the Regular Season 7th with a 14-22 Record. A Team that was in the middle of the pack in Offensive Rating (5th – 98.65) but had big problems in Defensive Rating (8th – 103.48). Played the 5th highest pace (88.69) and were 5th in Effective Field Goal Percentage (65.46). The main key will be to get better on Defense.


Belfius Mons-Hainaut:

  • Mons finished the Regular Season 5th with a 17-19 Record. A big factor was them not standing out in any category. Offensive Rating 6th (98.26) and Defensive Rating 7th (101.23) were middle of the League. Mons played one of the slowest paces in the League (9th – 83.23) and were solid in Effective Field Goal Percentage (6th – 65.18). Getting a bit better on both ends might lead to a positive record in 19-20.


Hubo Limburg United:

  • Finished 6th at 16-20 in the Regular Season. A main key was their Defensive Rating were they were a good 5th (98.10). On Offense they ranked 7th in Offensive Rating (97.92) and 1st in Pace (92.56). Their uptempo Style led to good shots and 4th in Effective Field Goal Percentage (69.79). Getting the offense a bit more efficient in Offensive Rating while holding a Top 5 spot on Defense can lead to a good season in 19-20.

Kangoeroes Basket Mechelen:

  • Finished the season in 8th at 12-24 and were not a good team on either side off the Ball. Their Offensive Rating ranked 8th (93.59) and their Defensive Rating was last (10th – 108.29). They played the slowest pace in the League (10th – 82.06) and were just 7th in Effective Field Goal Percentage (64.95). Playing slow and not getting good shots or having a good Offensive Rating is not good. Along with the worst Defense the Kangoeroes have a lot of room to get better in 19-20.


VOO Liège Basket:

  • Liege finished 10th at 7-29 and their problems were on Offense (Offensive Rating 9th – 91.57) and Defense (Defensive Rating 9th – 108.11). Liege played a stellar pace (6th – 86.3) but didnt get many good shots as their Effective Field Goal Percentage was just 9th (62.02). Both Offense and Defense will have to get better in 19-20.


Stella Artois Leuven Bears:

  • Leuven finished the Regular Seaon in 9th with a 10-26 Record. Their Offensive Rating ranked last (10th – 83.54) which was a big problem as their Defensive Rating ranked 4th (96.49). One of the faster paced Teams in the League (4th – 89.95) they could not convert on the pace and shots they created and capitalize on their Defense as their Effective Field Goal Percentage ranked last in the League (53.75).

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