PBL officials warm up the engines for the new season
Sunday 8th September 2019

Strengthening coherence and consistency to have more fluent and better-controlled games.

Destelbergen - PBL officials held their annual clinic to prepare the new season. As a new officials’ management team, led by Ronny Denis – former FIBA and PBL official – takes office, the meeting was focused on the new evaluation methods as well as on points of emphasis to be implemented throughout the competition.

“The goal -states Ronny Denis – is to implement a new culture of officiating based on an open and permanent dialogue not only between officials but also with other PBL stakeholders. The intention is to better use the new technologies to analyze performances.” Arthur Goethals, President of PBL concluded: « A strong and credible competition needs not only good teams, but also good officials. The League will strongly support any action aiming to improve its officials ».

The new approach privileges the view of a referee/facilitator, that means, enabling players and teams to release their best. Mentoring work will be conducted with junior officials. To carry out such a work a new platform has been launched by PBL to facilitate an easier exchange of video clips. This will allow a fluid dialogue between teams and officials.

As this year there is not any change of the rules, the department would like to work deeper in strengthening the coherence and consistency of the calls, the goal being to have more fluent and better-managed games. To do this, attention will be paid on the following topics:

·        Handchecking: getting rid of RID (Redirect, Interfere and Displace);

·        Unsportsmanlike in transition;

·        Act of shooting: protecting from injuries and cheating;

·        Fake players: new tricky faking actions.

These points aim to protect players, whip out bad practices and to clean the game.

Officials also dealt with the behaviour on the court. Officials will commit to communicate better, to provide short and accurate answers and, allow the players and coaches to express themselves in a correct way. Officials will be strict by penalising unsportsmanlike behaviour, as among others throw away gestures towards officials.

All the referees passed the compulsory physical and theoretical tests. They have also worked to satisfaction during the pre-season to maintain their physical condition and control their fat percentage. 

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