PBL takes action after inappropriate public remarks by Sébastien Bellin
Monday 16th April 2018

The PBL deeply regrets the statements made by Sébastien Bellin in a television interview during halftime of the game between BC Oostende and Proximus Spirou as they do damage to both clubs, but in particular to coach Gjergja and Belgian basketball in general. The league urges both clubs to refrain from any public statements.

Arthur Goethals, Pro Basketball League president: “The clubs ask the league to take action and we will, as our internal regulations stipulate, try to reconcile both clubs. Nonetheless, this incident proves that the stipulations in the charter of good conduct, which serve as a basis to promote collegiality among the clubs, should be ratified within the internal regulations.”

In practice this means that the league will make a proposal to the teams to ratify the stipulations in the charter of good conduct within the PBL’s disciplinary regulations (as part of the review procedure).

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