Hans Vanwijn and Yannick Desiron still on top of Orange All Star Game fanvoting
Thursday 7th December 2017

Underneath you will find an update of the Orange All Star Game fanvoting. Hans Vanwijn is still the leading vote getter overall with 792 votes. Yannick Desiron is leading Team Black fan votes with 759.

In the meantime Jonas Delalieux has taken the place of Wen Mukubu in Team Black's starting five.

For the moment Team Orange looks as follows:

- backcourt: Jean SALUMU

- backcourt: Domien LOUBRY

- frontcourt: Hans VANWIJN

- frontcourt: Jean-Marc MWEMA

- frontcourt: Vincent KESTELOOT​


This is the line-up for Team Black at the moment:

- backcourt: Alexandre LIBERT

- backcourt: Niels MARNEGRAVE

- frontcourt: Yannick DESIRON

- frontcourt: Idris LASISI

- frontcourt: Jonas DELALIEUX


In total 18710 votes have already been cast!


​Fans can vote for the Orange All Star Game starters until Sunday 10 December via​

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